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  • Chris Farlie

Sarah Yeo - No Way Jose!

For just one tiny second there was a fear that the new single from Sarah Yeo was going to be a cod Mexican affair with full mariachi band - the sleeve and the title could easily mislead a humble reviewer. Never judge a book by the cover though, it is fact no such thing, but it does see Sarah striking out in a new direction asssisted with the team at Puzzlemaker Studios, giving her the oomph of a fully charged backing band.

If you've got a cracking chorus and this song most certainly does, then there is no hamr in getting it out there as soon as possible, so after the briefest of guitar and drum roll introductions Sarah immediately powers into a curtailed version of the chorus to prepare you for what is coming. leaving us in no doubt about her position.

"No Way Jose do I ever want see you again!"

The first verse calms things down after the explosive start with a curious drum and bass sound punctured by little guitar flourishes as Sarah gives the background as to how things have arrived at this state.

"You stormed in on your stallion when I didn't even need saving

I could read every trick in your book but still I ended up falling

Oh my God I had you right from the start but my head was overruling

You werent quite the white knight you portrayed but that mask that you wore was convincing"

From the 1st chorus to the end of the song things are driven by a thunderous drum beat that propels that song at a furious pace along with some corking guitar work.

The lyrics show the transformation of someone who has had to suffer, who describes her experience as

"You wore me down down into the dirt"

through to the realisation that "I know what I'm worth" and the desire to say

"Goodbye to the person I was" to regain control of her life.

It therefore is an anthem to female empowerment and a reassurance to others that big changes can be made,

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