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  • Chris Farlie

Sarah Darling with Ward Thomas - Divide

Like a sort of Country music advent calendar - Sarah Darling continues to deliver little musical presents ahead of her Christmas show next week, and for this one she has brought along some friends in the shape of Ward Thomas who provide backing vocals.

The links between the two have been forged over time woth Sarah supporting them for a leg of one of their tours as well as joining them on stage for a memorable encore at G: Live a few years back.

The links become even stronger when you see that this song is co written with Cheyenne Medders and Jessica Sharman who feature in the credits across releases by both artists.

The song itself follows on from the previous single "Leave The Pieces" in that it is light in production and just lets the voices and the relatively simple instrumentation shine. The cover pictures the "divide" between mountains and was apparently inspired by a hiking trip and looking down from the tallest mountain and seeing the paths that the water took to the sea. The lyric obviously has a double meaning that can be applied to relationships, some that drift apart while other that go the whole distance to the sea.

The three combine to make a heavenly choir on a song that is as welcoming as a roaring fire on a cold night,

Sarah Darling will be at Union Chapel 2nd Dec with Jamie Lawson and other special guests

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