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  • Chris Farlie

Sarah Darling - Waves

After keeping us going through Lockdown with her Campfire Sessions it is back to original material for Sarah Darling with "Waves" ahead of a brand new EP and for the lucky folk in London and Brighton some UK shows.

It is a return to a simpler production, as you listen, you realise that there is relatively little going on instrument wise, a piano, some jaunty guitar and percussion and yet it all makes for the perfect pop country background for Sarah to tell her tale of "What if's". It gives Sarah the chance to shine, which she grabs with both hands, sounding particularly wistful and dreamy on the verses and then like the waves crashing onto the shore exploding into life for each chorus. There is also an accompanying coastal based video to beautifully bring the whole package together.

Written with Rebekah Powell and Joe Hammill, Sarah ponders as we all do at some point on the key moments in our life, people met, decisions made and what may have happened. It is not done with a sense of regret from being unhappy in her current situation but more with a curious sense of wonder of what may have been

"Most of the time I feel alright I'm happy in your love

Living the dream and I never think of the ocean between us

Most of the time you're out of sight and out of mind I swear"

That power to reminisce can trigger strong emotions, that possibly grow in strength given the passage of time and Sarah shows this when reflecting

"You were the kind of gravity that pulled me to the edge"

The song at one point plays out an almost internal dialogue occurring in Sarah's mind as we find out what led to that fork in her timeline

"We both had growing up to do and I was too afraid - what if I'd stayed?"

The lyrics are beautifully constructed to eventually ask the inevitable question,

"The life I didn't choose - Are you waiting there for me?"

It certainly whets the appetite for those Christmas shows and the forthcoming EP

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