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  • Chris Farlie

Roslyn Witter - Chasing Fireflies

Canadian Roslyn Witter's new single comes with a charming press release detailing the background to the single

"My husband is a big outdoorsman. On our first date, instead of taking me out to eat, he asked if I would like to go on a hike to "see the fireflies." I had no idea what this meant, but I was so excited that he suggested it.

We arrived at sunset, and as we walked through the forest, the fireflies started to show themselves. When the sun went down, the sky was completely littered with them. I had never seen anything like it before.

The pure joy on my husband's face showed me that he really does see the world differently than any other guy I had ever met, and I knew that I would be so happy spending the rest of my life enjoying the simple things with him."

The big question was could such a story be turned into a song and the answer is a resounding yes.

From the very opening Roslyn is beautifuly able to express her feelings

"Nobody sees the world like you do

It's such a mystery to me

You looking at the world through eyes of wonder

and seem to see things that I at first don't see"

The later verse brings in the cold light of reality but it does not affect how Roslyn feels

"It night be an old run down apartment

But you make it feel just like home"

Musically it is relatively simple with a pedal steel and acoustic guitar and some percussion providing much of the instrumentation over which Roslyn lays her folky country vocal, but it is done with such charm that you cannot help but warm to it.

"It was then it was there that I knew

I'd be happy the rest of my days

Chasing fireflies with you"

In an ever gloomy world this is three and a half minutes that is a little beacon of light.

Roslyn Witter - Chasing Fireflies - YouTube

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