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  • Chris Farlie

Rebecca Jayne - Heart Of Mine

It has been three years since we last saw Rebecca Jayne live so it was a lovely surprise when her latest release "Heart Of Mine" arrived at W21Towers. She was fourth on the bill but still made a lasting impression.

Her press release says for fans of among others Norah Jones and this recording certainly captures a similar easy relaxed vibe of Norah's "Come Away With Me" album. There's a definite feel of spontaneity about the recording and the band have a live uncluttered simplicity about them that let's you hear each note that each one plays, which is a testament to the production job done by Miles Myerscough-Harris (son of BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris). The banjo that runs through the track is delight, as is the wonderful keyboard accompaniment.

It all makes the perfect backing for Rebecca's gentle smooth vocals as she relays the tale of her personal experience of somebody truly loving her but being unable to love them back in the same way. The situation was previously covered in her earlier song ‘I’m Not Saying I Don’t Love You’ however this imagines the same events from the other persons perspective.

The opening lines are quite brutal both to have experienced and to write about

"Doors closing it's half past twelve - a fools been waiting here knowing all too well

A love don't leave you to pass the time and hearts will wonder if they are blind"

The chorus encapsulates that curious emotion that takes one beyond reason when smitten

"I'm lost in your love - i'm missing your touch

I'm caught in a landslide and you won't pick me up

I'm losing my mind and wasting my time"

The second verse again has the ability to capture the signs of realisation starting to seep through

"Lessons learning - my hearts still burning leaving love is hard to do

And i should blame you but I don't want to - i'll just wish you all the best"

It all leads to the sad conclusion "A love like mine won't do"

With this promising to be the first of a series of releases, it is going to be fascinating to see just how much she has developed as a songwriter, if the rest are as strong as this then they will be something to watch out for.

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