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  • Chris Farlie

Poppy Fardell - Beer Budget

Perfedtly timed for a "Cost Of Living" crisis comes Poppy Fardell with her latest single "Beer Budget". Co written with Sue McMillan and impeccably produced by Tim Prottey-Jones who has managed to get that laid back, American, Little Big Town sound down to perfection.

Poppy makes a perfect guide to thriftiness

"I make plenty of cents ( sense?)

But not in the bank

I still get where I want to go

Rolling on an empty tank"

A later verse finds her washing her own car and doing her "own damn nails"

If the verses are wonderful at painting life on the breadline then it is the chorus that really tops this song off - a singalong chorus? - "Hell yeah!" - in fact this seems purpose built for playing to a singalong crowd!

With lines like

"No we ain't got pockets that are full of cash"


"Come on yell it out if you speak the language

Scream "Hell Yeah" if you feel rich

No we ain't got much but we love it

A champagne life on a beer budget"

Poppy sounds wonderfully self assured and the way that the chorus repeatedly comes round is an absolute delight

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