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  • Chris Farlie

Paul Carella & Billy Moran Shed A Little Light

The new single from Paul Carella & Billy Moran manages to fuse some scuzzy blues and some rock 'n' roll to make a single that is refreshingly noisy and confrontational - it is going to demand that you sit down and listen to it for its three and half minute duration and that let #TEAMw21 tell you is going to be nothing but a pleasure.

From its dummy muted start to its progression into a thudding rocker nothing prepares you for quite how tender and sweet this song is once you tear away that rootsy facade.

It's a situation that many of us have been in when we can see that someone we care for is clearly going out with the wrong person,yet they cannot see it themselves - the dilemma being do you stay silent and let them get hurt or tell them and risk losing their friendship - it all becomes even more complicated if perhaps you harbour feelings for that person yourself and that any intervention you make might be viewed as being self serving. that is the crux of "Shed A Little Light".

Paul perfectly plays the role of the man with the problem outlined above over a thumping drum beat and rootsy guitars, his vocals both charged with frustration and avowing that things with him would be different..

"If I could I’d hold you tight

Well I’d show you what love feels like

I’ll be there when you’re all alone

You’ll never be on your own"

The chorus when it come is smokin' hot and says all the things that he'd like to say - the things that should be self evident but which love has a way of obscuring - so here's the list of faults set to a disgruntled tuneful growl.

"He don’t call, he don’t write

He comes home in the middle of the night

I’m sad to say that I don’t mind

You just need someone to shed a little light"

The second verse outlines just how frustrating the situation is

"Well I don’t know why you let him do

Those messed up things to you

He treats you like a child

Man it really drives me wild

But I guess I’ll just have to wait"

While the third accepts that one day a change is going to come

"Sooner or later you’ll listen to me

You’ll cut him loose and set yourself free

But I guess I’ll just have to wait

For you to see one day"

Despite sounding like a full on band, strip away Billy's searing guitar work and you'll probably find that there is not a lot of other instrumentation on there apart from some percussion - but it doesn't need anything else Paul's vocals and Billy's guitar do all of the heavy lifting required here.

It all builds to a kickass sudden ending, a drop mic moment - enough has been said! It's noisy, rawkus and we love it!!

‘Shed a Little Light’ is available to pre-save now

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