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  • Chris Farlie

O&O - Spark Away From A Fire

O&O return to single duty with the somewhat suggestive "Spark Away From A Fire" with each playing the part of someone cheating on their respective partner.

Opening to an extended acoustic guitar opening, there are echoes of Romea & Juliet in the opening lines with Obadiah

"Throwing stones at your window,

Trying to tell you I'm here

Though I shoudn't have come

Now it's done"

However as the song unfolds it soon becomes clear that this is no teenage romance but a somewhat more murkier lustier affair.

The verses outline just how things can quickly escalate with Obadiah laying the ground work suggestively throwing out

"She'll be gone for a few days - maybe you will come over to my place tonight - stay for a while"

while Orian admits in a wonderfully Shakespearean manner that she has

"Stole awy,and now he doesn't know that I'm out - fooling around"

The pair therefore reach something of a pivotal point, the point of no return from which playing around inevitably leads to consequences.

"I know that it's wrong, can't let this go on any longer

We're only a spark away from a fire"

It is fun seeing O&O explore the darker side of life and naturally being O&O the song is swathed in beautiful harmonies, never more so than at the bridge where their vocals entwine in a lyrical converation. The title allows them freedom to play with fire imagery, the fire is as much the heat between them as it is their current life and relationships being raised to the ground leaving only ashes.

Having entertained us throughout lockdown with collaborations and reinterpretations of their own songs, It's great to see them back in business.

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