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  • Chris Farlie

Nia Nicholls - Forever Hold My Peace

A return to action for Nia Nicholls who is once again able to charm us with her sense of humour in this somewhat quirky tale that arrived after a weird dream in which a friend of hers was getting married to his girlfriend.

It opens therefore with a direct confrontation

"Can you look me in the eye

and tell me that she's the love of your life?"

Nia is clearly not in favour of this union, but can see some positives , noting that although her

"attitude is awful. she has got the face of a model" yet she feels compelled to the tell the groom that

"You can do better!"

Nia obviously has an alternate bride in mind and given the fact that she is thinking that he has a

"Smile that's amazing, make me laugh when its raining" - it won't take long to work out who that is!

There are elements of the cheekiness of Maddie & Tae with the waspiness of Lee Ann Womack's "Think Of A Reason Later" and Nia's ability to seemingly fit in more words into a sentence than should ever be there is an enchanting trait.

There are so many plus points about this single, from Nia's overall performance to the power drumming which gives the song some real oomph however it is hard at times to escape the amazingly under powered guitar sound that does at times let things down. It's a small gripe on an otherwise excellent single,

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