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  • Chris Farlie

Michele Stodart - Tell Me + Video Link

Heralding the way for a new album "Invitation" due on Sept 15th is "Tell Me" the new single from Michele Stodart. After hearing it played on acoustic guitar in her support slot at Julian Taylor's show on Thursday - #TEAMw21 felt duty bound to go and check out the single.

On the night it was a compelling piece of drama and the switch from guitar to piano only ramps up the intensity. It's a creation from a songwriters retreat rather than personal experience she hastened to add on the night, however that in no way takes away from the unfolding events which seem vividly real and are being played out somewhere for sure. To a piano that reflects the seriousness of the situation we are immediately thrust into a confrontation of the most serious kind - where the stakes could not be higher

"Tell me, tell me it's not over - tell me there's no other

Who could make you smile

Go on and lie to me

Tell me there's no chance you'd leave

that walking out that door is something you'd ever do

and I don't stand the chance of losing you"

It's drama of the highest order because the person speaking undoubtedly already knows the answer - Michele captures this in her jazz like vocal delivery, not with anger just forlorn sadness.

The chorus is a lovely melody that gradually, liltingly rises

"Are there any of the other sides to me that you couldn't love?

Are there any of the other sides to me that you couldn't take dreaming of?

The second verse is accepting to a point that there must be another party involved, however there is no sign of resignation and the the delivery changes to a breathy anger - it could easily be shouted however Michele retains the impact by being just above a whisper.

"Tell her, tell her that you are mine -

Tell her that these lies you share have ran the test of time

Go on and tell her, tell her what a fool you've been

Somehow you'll stay friends - but it will have to end

Cos love could never be the same again"

The second chorus sees the arrival of some additional keyboards adding a sense of atmosphere

"Is it worth it - all of these tears?" the line is barely audible

The song ends on the haunting "Tell me it's not over"

It's a hell of a way to introduce your new record and there is undoubtedly much more to come

The video for Tell Me is available here

Invitation is released on September 15th

The Invitation tour date are below with an album launch in London at St Pancras Old Church

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