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Meghan Patrick - The Boy Who Cried Drunk ( Demo )

A thought provoking new single from Meghan Patrick, "The Boy Who Cried Drunk" is hoping to shine a light on the area of domestic abuse. Backing up her words with actions Meghan is Patrick is currently raising money through next month for YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee, which operates the largest domestic violence shelter in Tennessee.

The song is in "demo" format and so is dominated by the sound of one guitar - it's not particularly even a pretty sounding guitar - after all this was supposed to be a demo never expected to be released - yet it's harsh tonality seems to fit with the mood being generated.

The opening verse recalls how you can get sucked into one of these sort of relationships before you even realise it.

"First time I was so into him, I didn't care

I thought, "hell, I've been drunk too, yeah, I've been there"

When everybody's on a party high, the bar is set real low

He seemed like everybody else, how was I supposed to know?"

Meghan's vocals are delivered with the feelings of one who has been there and the plausibility of events seem all to real however things will soon take a darker turn.

"That "I'll have one"

Always means one too many

Then it's holes punched in the wall

56 missed calls at 4 a.m.

Crying in a bathroom stall

'Cause he's fighting in the parking lot again"

Meghan's vocals rise for the chorus almost like it's a release to air them - it ends with the inevitable conclusion

"He'll come over and apologize

And say it's only 'cause he drank too much

But you know the truth is that he's just

The boy who cried drunk"

The next section details the whole why the cycle of abuse continues and once again Megan's tone changes - as if she's trying to ward you off following this route explaining how it will play out

"And for a week, he'll be the man you want him to be

Treat you better than he ever has

So you don't wanna leave

You keep trying to save him

But that's why he ain't changing"

For many this loop will continue until that breaking point is reached and he realises

"No one left to apologize to

'Cause you've finally had enough"

There are nice lyrical touched throughout as Meghan's "swollen red eyes" at the start of the song are mirrored by the "swollen red eyes" of the abuser once he finally realises what he has lost"

Is it an easy listen? No

Is it an important listen? - Undoubtedly yes

If only one person finds the words of this song an inspiration to leave an abusive relationship then it has more than done its job.

Meghan has done a masterful job in highlighting this particular cause and it comes through in the deliver of every line.

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