• Chris Farlie

Macartney Reinhardt - Where Nobody Knows

If you are in need of something to warm you up on the cold winter nights then look no further than the new single from Macartney Reinhardt - "Where Nobody Knows" - which has the exhuberance of youth about it and the feel good factor of something like Don Henley's "Boys Of Summer".

Macartney in her short career so far has managed to release a number of excellent singles and this will keep good complany with them. It a song of pure ecapism as we join Macartney for drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, tellingly with her

"guitar in the back seat" and her har "lowing in the breeze. Quite what it is that Macartney is escaping from is never really full explained, there are hints of a co passenger with mentions of "We" but no more than that.

The joy of the song is the sheer optimism that comes with this newly found liberty, where

"Everything is okay underneath the moonlight"

The enjoyment feeds through into the chorus and one feel that for Macartney anything is possible.

"Feeling like I just been set free - Living with nothing out of reach

Gonna drive until we get to Mexico - getting away to where nobody knows"

She is able to conjour up a pretty idyllic setting with the "sandy beach", "the sparkling sea with every speaker blasting". a place where "It feels like Summertime all year round" somewhere you "never want to leave"

With a guitar break that all but oozes sunshine, Macartney still finds time for a wistful almost acoustic take on the chorus before then blasting it out one more time finally closing out in true pop style picking out phrases from the lyrics.

A prodigious talent who will only get better - Macartney has produced undoubtedly the ultimate January summer single!

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