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  • Chris Farlie

Macartney Reinhardt - Last Christmas

With the first Christmas singles hitting the #TEAMw21 inbox in October it really has been just a matter of time before one came along that piqued our interest and that has arrived with Macartney Reinhardt's take on the Wham Christmas classic "Last Christmas".

It will of course test the credulity of the listener that with Macartney singing, that the opening lines could be true!

"Last Christmas I gave my heart

But the very next day you gave it away"

however get past that and you'll find a very creditable version that has been both countrified with a prominent pedal steel and has afforded Macartney some studio time to hone her skills further.

Strangely the thing that endears this version most is the fact that it has not gone over the top with Christmas effects, there is a noticeable drum and guitar to accompany that pedal steel but in general it is a quite restrained version and Macartney's singing if anything brings the lyrics further forward in the mix. The exercise also gives Macartney a chance to gain more valuable experience in playing with backing vocal harmonies which towards the end she adds with great effect. It is certainly a nice little early Christmas present while we wait for her next original offering.

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