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  • Chris Farlie

Lucy May - How Do I Carry On?

Returning to the fold in what can only be described as a "whirlwind" of activity is Lucy May with her new single "How Do I Carry On?". Lucy's debut album was distinctly Americana based while her second moved her to the more soulful end of the spectrum, this latest single is something of a hybrid between the two and a pretty successful hybrid it is at that.

The first verse opens to echoes of a guitar sound similar to the classic one that Fleetwood Mac used on "Rumours" the mournful guitar sound. The lyrics find Lucy in a somewhat dazed and confused state/

"Why did you go? - you broke my heart

The day you left, my world fell apart

Not a word was spoken - nothing was said

So many questions going round in my head"

In contrast to the Americana of the verse, the chorus sees Lucy move to a full on soul mood complete with horn section in a sort of muted slowed down Curtis Mayfield "Move On Up" style..

"How do I carry on when you're not here?

I'm so lonely without you near

How can you turn your back when I'm crying tears?

Things from hereon in remain soul tinged soundwise, the lyrics still find Lucy in a state of confusion

"You were my soul mate - my best friend

To the very last minute - to the end"

Lucy undoubtedly feels at home in her soulful surroundings, her voice is silky smooth as it slides the scales on the second chorus, wonderfully elongating the word "tears". If the opening verses were about loss and separation then the rest of the song devotes itself to looking forward..

"I've got to move on now - it's all I can do

Carry on with my life - life without you"

The hybrid sound once more comes to the fore in the guitar work and with the arrival of a piano.

The song ends on a final piece of self motivation and determination captured with Lucy avowing "I'll carry on" as the musical backing falls away.

It all goes to make a slick well produced sound that undoubtedly plays to Lucy's strengths and takes us from those feelings of loss through to a potentially brighter future.

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