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  • Chris Farlie

Lucy Blu - All This Time

Out in time for Valentines Day something of a rarity these days, a heartfelt declaration of loving someone rather than one of breaking up. Always a tricky line to tread, as it can be easy to go a bit too gushy, Lucy Blu pretty well hits the brief shining a little light on to events at Chez Blu with some nice personal vignettes that will chime with many others in their own happy relationships.

The first verse sees Lucy pondering those very thoughts, what to say and how to say it as she sings over an acoustic guitar. the chorus when it comes is a lovely breakdown of a relationship

"I get crazy sometimes but you don't seem to mind

You're too laid back and disorganised, that's fine

Cause I still fall every night for those sky blue eyes

even after all this time"

Sung in an almost low key manner, there's no need for threatrics in the delivery as everything is there in the words that needs be said. It is of course a ballad and there is a gentle accompaniment of organ and pedal steel along with a bluesy guitar solo that provide the perfect unobtrusive backing.

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