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  • Chris Farlie

Lizanne Knott - Push Comes To Shove

Bringing a bit of joy to the world is Lizanne Knott with her latest single "Push Comes To Shove" which simply oozes a soulful good time vibe while still finding time to pass on some valuable words of wisdom

"Everybody is saying all the world is changing and they just don't see no hope

No-ones standing there throwing you a rope".

With John Lennon all over the press this last week it is very much his "All You Need Is Love" message that Lizanne is preaching, and she does it very well.

"The very thing that brings us to our knees can build us up

Just find your voice and make the choice to fill this world with love"

The band have an effortless ease about the groove they are creating, with crisp percussion, great guitar and banjo punctuation while the horn section are simply sublime and give the track that soulful feeling that cannot help but raise a smile each time you hear it. Lizanne has a soothing calm reassuring quality to her voice, that will hopefully help people see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Leaving us with some positive words, this is a real uplifting three minutes you deserve to treat yourselves to and remember

"Nothing stands a chance in the light of love"

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