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  • Chris Farlie

Lisa Wright & The Songbirds - In The End

Anyone that has had the pleasure of seeing Lisa Wright perform live, will be familiar with "In The End". Written with the Holloway Road team and originally released on Lisa's "Wednesday's Child" EP, it normally features towards the back of her set, and it is always a mesmerising piece of theatre as the repeated guitar line gradually builds up along with Lisa's vocals. It never fails in its power to grab the attention of the room in which it is being played and has become something of a tour de force.

In another example of lockdown ingenuity, Lisa has chosen to revisit the song and brought along some friends in the shape of the City Academy Songbirds, a female choir who help transform the song into a shared communal experience

Essentially things initially start the same, with just Lisa and her guitar for the first verse, the Songbirds start to appear in the second verse, at first as a kind of ethereal backing, before fully making their presence felt. The is something magical when they all sing as one and it is great to hear one of Lisa's songs getting this treatment as the song remains as haunting when Lisa sings "It breaks my heart I'll never see you here again"

Watch the video

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