Lindsay Ell - Make You

Confirming ( as if any confirmation were needed ) that Lindsay Ell's new record is going to be something special, is her latest release "Make You". It comes from the "Acceptance" part of the forthcoming album and is quite possibly one of the most selfless and honest pieces of writing that you'll ever hear, dealing with an incredibly difficult subject, addressing being a survivor of sexual violence.

Treading the delicate path between wanting to get a message out there while at the same making a record that people want to listen to, Lindsay has recruited Brandy Clark as co writer and the song goes out as beacon of hope for anyone who has been through similar circumstances, in that they might recognize their own feelings and find solace,

Opening to a gentle piano and the words "13 staring in the mirror you still look so innocent but that was all gone yesterday", it then progresses though the years reflecting on "something that was taken before you could give it away.". Giving the listener an insight into the various stages and feelings that victims of abuse go through, it has all the more resonance coming from someone who really knows. With an impassioned vocal performance as you would imagine, this is a truly great record on all levels,

In conjunction with the release of “make you,” Lindsay Ell has launched the Make You Movement, a charitable fund whose mission is to help organisations that support at-risk youth, domestic abuse and sexual assault survivors by provided funds on an as-needed basis.

Lindsay has committed to donate all her proceeds from “make you” to the Make You Movement.

Lindsay's new album heart theory, arrives August 14th

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