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  • Chris Farlie

Leah Belle Faser - Trash Talk

The return of Leah Belle Faser is certainly something to cheer us as the warm days of summer start to subside. Still only 18 her command of tunes and the lyrics to match them is almost unparalleled among her peers and she continues to both dazzle and delight.

"Trash Talk" on paper is a straight forward break up song but in Leah's hand's it is much more than that. The song comes in different phases, firstly when she was part of a couple

"I used to walk outta dressing rooms

And watch your face as you would swoon

When I’d spin around to show you

How I would look on our next date"

Leah ceates a gap between "Show" and "You" and delightfully hovers on the word "You", the final line quoted above actually being the opening line of the next verse.

As ever though the course of young love does not run true forever and before long

"But now you hate the way I think

And you don’t like the way I drink

And every little thing I did was so unladylike"

Leah has always possessed a marvelous turn of phrase and those three lines pack so much within them, a young girl blossoming into adulthood and finding disapproval from somoene who wants her to remain a child. The word "unladylike" is seemingly from another age and wonderfully says so much about the person saying it - the same person who then randomly finds issues to be upset about.

"You got my problems with my hair

Now blondes are dumb and unaware"

All of this is played out over a divine mix of guitars and drums that is refreshingly bright sounding. The other real joy about Leah's songs is that they are written solely by her and not diluted with contributions from others and long may this continue for it is precisely this that makes her sound so unique. With spot on melifluous lead vocals and a fine attention to detail in the backing vocals - this is surely another stepping stone to even greater things.


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