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  • Chris Farlie

Leah Belle Faser - I Wonder What You Got For Me

One present that has kept on giving this year is the arrival of Leah Belle Faser who has already given us a couple of knock out singles and a quite stunning debut album of tunes, so naturally what better way to see out the year than with a Christmas single.

Leah's Christmas single is something of an amalgamation of elements from many songs of the genre blended with her own inimitable style and outlook and so manages to sound original. It is originally from the musical "Waitress" and surely marks the debut in any yuletide song of the phrase "Xmas snuggies!" or of ordering presents online!

The song opens to a mixture of acoustic and slide guitars as if for a normal Americana tune however as soon as Leah kicks in with her vocal we are left in no doubt what time of year it is, There is also a big drum beat that hints at the Phil Spector Xmas sound that surely remains the yardstick by which all such records are measured. She has a unique phrasing style which is really endearing and also the additional backing vocals that highlight the songs title are all attention grabbing techniques that worked with us.

"Well it's Christmas the best time of the year - all my friends and all my family are near -

Stack of presents underneath the big tree - I wonder what you got for me!"

The verses become a veritable checklist of things you'd like to see in a Christmas song for as well as caroling and mistletoe with your honey there is a warming mug of "Cocoa by the fire all night long" and not forgetting the ubiquitous "Xmas snuggies!"

The chorus sees Leah really shine and she gives both a strong and at times slightly cheeky vocal performance, accentuated once again with some well placed backing vocals.

"Did you find some fancy paper, did you wrap it with a bow?

Did you get me front row tickets to my favourite show?"

"Did you spend a lot of time - Did you really think it through?

Like I thought about you" - the final you stretched over about four syllables in a somewhat teasing delivery.

There is time for a great little guitar solo before Leah unleashes a final batch of questions

"Did you sneak a peak at my list?, Did you order it online?

Did you have it in the closet cos you thought i#s never find it

Did you talk it out with Santa?"

The "Did you think it through" line second time around is delivered in a slightly different though equally charming way which shows that someone really has thought it through in the production booth. It all goes to make a wonderful two and half minutes and a welcome addition to the pantheon of great Christmas songs.

As a special #W21music exclusive we have permission to give you a little advance preview so enjoy!!!

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