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  • Chris Farlie

Laura Evans - State Of Mind

For those who used to look forward to Laura Evans regular pre covid visits to The Troubadour there are a couple of things about this single that may come as a surprise, Firstly "State Of Mind" the title track of her latest album, sees Laura backed by a raw sounding rocking bluesy combo, secondly the song comes from an album with an explicit lyric warning!! - the song "Gone" in case you wondering!!

The single "State Of MInd" opens to a twin guitar sound before giving way to allow Laura to reel off the vocals like Elvis Costello on "Pump It Up" or its forerunner Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues". You can trace the style through the history of music and it is nearly always effective and fresh sounding.

"San Jose to LA, Riding down the Interstate

Window down, music loud, Cruise control at 88"

You're my kerosene and I'm an open flame"

Inspired from her time in LA this isdetailing one of those relationships that will burn bright and be an incredible journey while it lasts. one that will always leave a deep imprint.

The second verse is equally wild

"Turn around Vegas bound, always trying to paint the town

Red or black, don't look back, even when the chips are down

I'm your lucky charm and your my winning hand

Falling head over heels, don't care where we land"

The bluesy verses each lead to a high octane chorus

“Deep down I guess we always knew - we had something we could never hold on to

We were high on love, lost in a state of mind."

The second time round there is a wistful moment where Laura ponders

"Sometimes I want to go back there" and as the band fade into the background leaving Laura at the front of the mix

"Where are you now?

Do you think about?" which then leads back into the chorus.

Laura acquits herself well in this new format, her voice gritty enough to front the band convincingly and we look forward to listening to the rest of the album.

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