Lainey Wilson - Heart Like A Truck

The fascination that American country artists have with trucks continues with Lainey Wilson's latest "Heart Like A Truck". Most of them are pretty uninspiring, the exception of course being Jessi Alexander's co write of "I Drive Your Truck" however we are glad to report that Lainey is able to a elevate her single above many other truck related tracks.

Making the lyrical connection between a truck that has truly been well used and a heart that has been perhaps a little abused, proves to be fertile ground for Lainey to deliver a pretty compelling three and a half minutes.

"I got a heart like a truck It's been drug through the mud Runs on dreams and gasoline And that old highway holds the key"

Lainey is easily able to find the similarities between her heart and the truck and the lyrics wonderfully reinforce that to the point that they are interchangeable.

"Lord knows it's taken a hell of a beatin'

A little bit of love is all that it's needin'

But it's good as it is tough"

The truck metaphor very much works in its role of establishing an identitiy of what her life is like

"I never stay in one place too long

The dirt road singin' me a siren's song"

and also what is required to keep up !!

"There ain't no brakin' when I throw it in drive Don't always keep it in-between the lines If you're a ready for a ride Pedal down state of mind Boy, I tell you what You better buckle up"

"Heart Like a Truck" comes with a wondrously sustained note about two thirds of the way through - and sees Lainey Wilson retain her position of being one of Nashville's essential artists, who in our eyes never fails to deliver.