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  • Chris Farlie

Kyle McKearney - Devil Water

Previous to this single, the only traces we can find of Canadian Kyle McKearney online are batch of somewhat eclectic though well chosen cover albums, so randomly dipping in you are as likely to come across Lennon & McCartney, & CCR as you are Dolly Parton & The Band. All of which in no way prepares for a little gem of a single that is almost three songs in one.

initially we have Kyle the solo troubadour, it's just him and a guitar. He introduces himself with a deep "Hmmmm" before singing some lyrics set to pique your interest

"Getting out my mind, all these warning signs

No apologies - whiskey therapy

we're just killing time - Devil Water"

If it carried on like this it would be fine in itself, but for the second verse the arrival of a band with a solid back beat and some female backing vocals take us to another level

"Drinking ain't no crime - it's my alibi"

The third and final part of the song is a simply sublime chorus that oozes classic singer songwriter and when matched with some soulful backing vocals it becomes irresistible. This writing so eloquently paints a picture of dependence and self realisation.

"Abandoned by my self control - I got here on my own - At least I'm not alone

Stuck inside this carnival, this crowd of kindred souls is where i call my home"

Musically there are some charmingly eccentric percussion and guitar parts which should in theory distract yet only go to make the song complete, each one seems to have been perfectly considered and is placed and brought to the fore in the mix at exactly the right time. If the rest of his solo material is like this - it may be some time before we get volume 5 of his covers EP.

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