Kris Angelis - I'd Give Anything

With mainly just the aid of a fiddle and some stomping feet Kris Angelis manages to make one of the more profound songs that we'll get to hear this year. There is some contribution from an acoustic guitar and an occasional piano chord is gently struck but it is mainly Kris's singing that takes centre stage and holds the listeners attention.

Musing on the passing of time, appreciating what you have and relationships there is lots packed in to this songs three minutes and it certainly piques the interest to hear what else might be on her forthcoming album "The Skies We Look To".

As the song opens it finds Kris in something of a reflective mode, looking back at when times were simpler

"When I was younger

And didn’t know what life was

I said my only purpose

was to be your love

I said it like a bad thing

Cuz I wanted more

Now I’d give anything to be that poor"

There is an interesting dynamic between the desire to push on for something better while at the same time appreciating and being thankful for what you had such as "When you would hold me never felt alone".

The passing of time is reflected on and the impossibility of slowing it down, while that incessant drive to push on does sometimes come at a cost

"Started a fire and i let it burn

Always trying to get somewhere waiting for my turn

Just wanted to get through it

now it’s turned to ash and I’d give anything to get that back"

The sound of the fiddle is perfectly captured as it entwines with Kris's vocals, which are almost spirtitual as they build in intensity throughout the songs duration. There is a lovely celebratory "Whoo" at the end and why not, for that was a truly marvellous rendition.