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  • Chris Farlie

Kendra Gabrielle - Red

Another snazzy little tune from Canada sees Kendra Gabrielle lay down a neat idea, wrap it up with a cracking chorus and be finished in just over two and half minutes. it's a tribute to making full use of your time and not feeling the urge to clutter your production with needless additions.

The idea is that Kendra is always attracted to men who would otherwise be red flags to other women - yet she feels drawn to them as "red is my favourite colour"

The song opens to a solid backbeat, n electric guitar and a delicious organ sound of a tight combo giving the perfect backing as Kendra outlines what her friends always tell her.

"I hear what you're saying - that he's no good

To pay attention to his reputation - like I know I should"

Kendra has a knowing style of delivery leading us to the chorus with a playful "But I can't help myself"

The chorus when it comes is a real earworm - hard to forget once heard

"He's got that Casanova, James Dean - straight out of a movie scene"

It's all delivered with a level of tongue of cheek - for never has being mistreated sounded quite so good - and you can't help but smile at Kendra's excuse when she says "Rose coloured glasses made him shine!"

There is a level of realisation but it comes too late and history has repeated itself.

"A heart as cold as yours - should have known that I'd get burned

It's just like me to never learn"

Is this an depth analysis of the female psyche? - well probably no - but if you want a rollicking pop country song to kickstart 2023 then Kendra Gabrielle is the one for you - loved every second of it.

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