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  • Chris Farlie

Kate Ellis - Other Side Of The Street

Kate Ellis is opening 2023 with a new single that will pave the way for the vinyl release of last years excellent "Spirals" album and give opportunity for some early spring live shows.

There is no doubting that "Other Side Of The Street" sees Kate taking on her most upbeat and jaunty tune to date. A quick examination of the lyrics though soon finds that they are a direct counterpoint to the tune and are much more downbeat. Although not written by Kate - it's written by Tom Hackwood, the song certainly fits in with Kates aesthetic so neatly that you could eacily be forgiven for thinking that she had penned it.

Things certainly start off ok

"Right from the start - he was into my heart

Leaving a mark on me

Thought I was hard. unemotionally scarred

In control of my destiny"

Bur some people are just hard to resist - "He had heavenly eyes and they took me by surprise" although sometimes there's a price to be paid "Instantly fell, under his spell, took me to heaven and left me in hell"

It's not that he seemingly does anything wrong other than move on leaving a chasm sized gap in Kate's heart.

"He's on the other side of the street walking away now

Kicking the dust up under his feet walking away now

Love is a loyal friend - just won't leave you till the end"

The last line is carrying a lot of weight, really putting the heart into heartbreak.

The second verse further details just what an overwhelming effect he had

"He opened up my eyes and I really came I alive

Now I can see its killing me - there's nothing where he used to be"

Musically it is welcoming like an old friend wrapping their arms around you, it has an effortless likability about it underscored by a delightful mandolin running through the track, while Kates vocals manage to combine both the joy of the good times and the emptiness of the bad in one complete package. You could no doubt be so captured by the beauty and jauntiness of the tune, that initially you might miss the underlying sadness behind the track.

Enjoy the video

Catch Kate in February

Sat Feb 18th – Forrest Arts Centre, Hampshire (ARC)

Wed Feb 22nd – Four Rivers Folk Club, Hertford FREE ENTRY

Mon Feb 27th – Green Note, London (Vinyl Launch)

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