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  • Chris Farlie

Juna N Joey - Something To Miss

Continuing the seemingly never ending conveyor belt of US teenage talent come the the alliterative brother and sister combo Juna N Joey. Juna is only 16 who in addition to singing, also plays acoustic guitar, piano, and keyboard, while Joey at 18, is also a singer-songwriter with a powerful voice. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, who plays the lead guitar, sax, and piano in their band.

"Something To Miss" is the lead off single from their debut EP and there is something about them that is hugely engaging. It could be helped by their solid backing band with its thumping back beat and loud guitars or maybe it is just that they timed their upbeat feel good sound to clash with the arrival of Spring and the emergence from Lockdown. Either way what's not to like about Juna N Joey?

The song opens with Juna expressing a feeling that we've all felt at some point

"I've got used to flying solo - I'm not used to caring if someone stays or goes

So what did you do to me? how did you make me fall?

That feeling of being separated from someone you really want to be with really springs into life in the upbeat chorus

"Just like my home town you feel right to come on back to - you should know

24/7 365, you’re sneaking up, hanging out in my mind.

‘Til that next kiss I hold onto this,

I’ve got somethin’ good, somethin’ good to miss"

Juna undoubtedly possesses a voice that seems to be far more developed than you'd imagine from a 16 year old and when it combines with Joey's, something magical happens and they seem to make a sum greater than the individual parts. This could be exactly the right time for their brand of pop country, and it's refreshing to hear them playing with a real band, that really adds to their charm.

They are promising to hit the UK in September which seems a great move as if the rest of their EP is of this standard they may find that they can make a big impression in a short space of time.

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