Juna n Joey - More Than a Maybe

In 2021 at a time when nearly all US acts were cancelling their UK shows, one brother and sister made it across to the UK, played a number of shows, won a lot of friends and released some fine songs.

Juna n Joey are back not only with a new single but some more UK dates including an appearance at "Tennessee Field Festival". While they were hear they found time to talk to #TEAMw21 and they acknowleged that they had yet to face a lot of life's trails and triblulations.

Their latest tune "More Than a Maybe" whether based on real or imaginary events is just that,as Joey tries to pluck up the courage to ask a girl out on a date to a party. It turns out that "More Than A Maybe" is where has set hus his hopes and expectations!

Opening to a big drum and electric guitar intro, things gradually subside and Joey opens his vocals over a much more subdued acoustic strum

"You're standing with your friends - trying not to stare

You're looking my way while you're playing with your hair

I'm working up the nerve to cross that line

and ask if you'd be at the the party tonight"

Playing to what would imagine is their core demographic, with a set a lyrics that are probably playing themselves out in some form or another across most of the high schools in the US - Juna n Joey should find a ready audience for this song.

The chorus spells out what Joey hopes will happen

"Cos I'm hoping for a more than a shrug or a sideways look, pushing my luck a little hard

Thinking that you might light up, when you say "Yes", please don't keep me in the dark

Will you be my blue eyed baby? - I'm hoping for more than maybe"

Joey's vocals convey that initial relationship awkwardness alongside the secet thrill that it might all fall into place. It's all good wholesome pop music, if there was any criticism to be made, it does somewhat sideline Juna to providing just a few backing vocals however I guess this evens itself across their overall output.