Juna n Joey Meet #TEAMw21

In the spring of 2021. a press release reached us at #W21Towers announcing the debut single by a duo Juna & Joey. The single "Something To Miss" was a fine piece of Couintry pop, something to brighten up the emergence from Lockdown, however it was not that which had caught our attention but the rather bold almost outlandish claim that they would be touring the UK in the summer. At a time when barely anyone was going anywhere in the UK, and festivals were falling like dominoes these teenagers from Florida were planning to cross the ocean to play here?

Lo and behold, they not only were true to their word and made it, but they joined Twinnie on her UK tour, played the UK Country Music Festival in Blackpool, open spots, coffee shops and just about anywhere that would have them on their whistle stop tour.

We agree to meet at a bar in Omeara where but a few hours later they will wow a London crowd. Gathered around a slightly wobbly table with the sound of trains rumbling past and the faint echoes of Twinnie finishing her sound check seeping from the auditorium we settle down for a chat. Both are cheery and relaxed, dressed in the stage gear they will be wearing later/ They make for charming company Joey 19 and Juna 16 have a delightful way of dividing interviewing duties between them each one letting making sure the other gets their say.

#TEAMW21 Thanks for coming over to the UK, There are not a lot of artists making that journey at the moment

Joey: "We're very blessed!"

June: "Yes certainly not too many Country acts.

#TEAMw21 You have already got to play at some of our best small venues like The Bedford in Balham?

Joey: "They have such great lighting and sound and it is all so professional"

Juna: "I heard that Ed Sheeran made his debut there and I'm thinking On my gosh I'm on the same stage as Ed Sheeran - that was really cool.

#TEAMw21 What's it like touring with Twinnie - she's an interesting character?

Joey "She's a great performer, her songs are very catchy - she really knows how to entertain!

Juna "She is such a nice person"

They are not wrong there, a few hours later Twinnie will unleash 18 months of frustration of delays and cancellations into a blistering performance, that will rock Omeara to its very foundations as our review will testify to.


#TEAMw21 - We've heard nothing but great things about your show at Blackpool - It must have been a strange experience - it's quite unlike anywhere else in the UK

Juna laughs "I've heard that a lot from different people, I will say that the one thing we noticed was that it was a big party town!" We were in our room and opened the window to let the air in and people were partying at 4am , screaming outside the window!"

Joey "I could not get any sleep!"

#TEAMw21: Juna - you started writing songs at an amazingly early age - who were your influences then?

Juna "I'd say at the time definitely Kesey Ballerini and Carrie Underwood, my vocal coach had a showcase every year and said Why don't you write some of your own stuff for the showcase?". I thought i'll try it and she helped and taught me where to start. Now we have sessions with professional co writers, but she certainly prepared me for where we are today"

Joey "I had no intentions of playing music, I was much more a sports guy, but now I play guitar, piano and a bit of saxophone and also some beatbox" which he ably demonstrates ,

I actually went to one of my sisters lessons and started from there. We actually formed a rock band playing Led Zeppelin and all sorts of rock songs but we were not feeling the vibe and then we switched to country pop. We're currently listening to Luke Combs and Parker McCollum and it is that who we are trying to emulate with our music and sound

#TEAMw21 - Although "Something To Miss" is your "debut" single the internet is actually awash with your performances - You must have been recording for ages?