Twinnie, Juna n Joey,Alyssa Bonagura - Omeara

One by one some of the most rescheduled shows of the pandemic have come to pass. Twinnie's UK tour has stopped at a number of destinations, squeezing in 2 support acts each night to provide a value for money package at each stop.

Alyssa Bonagura is exactly the sort of US country star that UK audiences take to their hearts. From the moment she took to the stage at a surprisingly packed Omeara, she showed that she had not just come to visit, she had become immersed in UK terms and culture.

Squeezing in one last show before heading back to the US from what has been a highly successful trip to the UK including a number of slots over the Buckle & Boots weekend

Wearing her hat, and armed with only an acoustic guitar she was able to generate quite a bit of volume and successfully got the evening rolling. Starting with

"Coming Off The Underground", a fast paced rocking tune, that she found time to slot in a line about the "London" underground even though the song wa snot related to it

Lockdown had given her time to write a batch of new songs and this slot provided an excellent to give a few an airing. The difficulties of a long distance relationship was covered in "The Other Side Of The World", which nicely contrasted what each person would be doing at the same time, while also painting the problems of separation. It does move to happy territory "where the miss you's turn to kiss you's" and was topped off with some excellent vocals.

While switching guitars Alyssa observed how quiet the totally engrossed crowd were, before playing her latest single , the uptempo "New Wings" with some strident guitar playing and lyrics full of observations from the covid enforced break. The next song came as a special request for Twinnie,the unreleased "Last Night In December", a heartbreak song full of recollections, almost half spoken as if in conversation and beautifully half sung the rest of the time, this was impressive stuff. Alyssa's short spot came to a close with "Just Drink About It" about a chance encounter in Greece. Immediately engaging, and managing to get the Omeara crowd singing along this was surely a hit in the making.

The next act sister and brother Juna n Joey had already been generating positive word of mouth before hitting London and a quick chat with them earlier in the afternoon had only piqued out interest further as to what they would be like live. Immensely likable off stage and within minutes it was clear to see that they were going to be great fun on stage.

Opening with a Parker McCollum song "Pretty Heart", a couple of things were immediately apparent, firstly even though both were playing acoustic guitar, the overall sound was filled out with a backing track - normally this might have seemed a little controversial but realistically with the conditions prevailing at the time, flying in a band was not really an option so the Omeara crowd was understandably forgiving. This started with Joey taking the lead vocals but as it progressed, Juna took to holding the mic with one hand to really concentrate as she provided supporting vocals. The sibling voices proved perfect foils for each other, Joey standing tall with a deep voice looked commanding and Juna now looking her sixteen years in size yet sounding much more mature ,

The night was to be an even split of covers and originals, and lead vocal duties would also be divided between the pair. For the next song "Boys & Boots" an original, Juna took the lead, this time she took off the guitar completely to once again hold the mic as she sung this bouncy piece of pop country with a high profile organ sound.

For the Harry Styles cover of "Watermelon Sugar" the two combined to make this much more of a duet. and Juna again showed she possessed a voice far beyond her 16 years. The news that the next song was to be their debut single "Too Good To Miss" provoked a "whoop" of excitement from the crowd already familiar with their work, and why not, it is a slick piece of pop country. It once again showed that individually they are great but that when singing together something magic happens,.

Their next single will be "To Your Heart" and Juna did a marvellous sales pitch that contained every possible detail about it! It was to prove to be a gentle ballad and was to be a lovely duet destined to cement their arrival on the UK scene for sure,receiving a huge round of applause.

Joey announced he was approving of the UK's drinking laws compared to the more stringent ones of Florida, as they launched into Runaway Junes "Buy My Own Drinks".