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  • Chris Farlie

Jeorgia Rose - I Will Still Remember

Hoping to cut through the swathes of Christmas releases and stand out is Jeorgia Rose with her debut single "I Will Still Remember". If there is one thing that we have learnt this year it is that the genre continues to attract talented newcomers and Jeorgia would seem to be one of those.

As debuts go, this sounds a little more polished than most, and the music which does indeed come from Nashville is a mixture of jangly guitars which drive the song along at a nice uptempo pace.

The subject matter deals with what becomes of a summer romance once summer has disappeared off into the distance - will both parties recall events with the same enthusiasm,

Those early verses capture that youthful exuberance and infatuation perfectly where you can be

"tired of laughing because it hurt too much" where "If it was up to me we would never leave" and the ever hopeful

"When I come back will you still wait for me?"

The chorus when it comes is pretty much perfectly constructed pop music, each time round it is musically slightly different, as Jeorgia asks

"Are we just an ember?, cos by Mid November, I will still remember"

For an opening salvo it is very impressive and we eagerly await to see what else Jeorgia has up her sleeve.

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