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  • Chris Farlie

Jenny Colquitt - Something Beautiful

Jenny Colquitt is certainly keeping reviewers on their toes releasing material on a number of fronts either with her band ELY or under her solo banner, the one constant being that however they arrive they are invariably excellent and "Something Beautiful" is not going to break that run.

Equally adept whether delivering her vocals as an almost tender whisper or an explosive bombast - Jenny seems destined for bigger things sooner rather than later.

"Something Beautiful" makes full use of both of those talents, the song opens the sound of a storm, an incessant piano riff before some percussion starts and Jenny arrives, her voice calm and restrained to pose some questions

"Was it something I said? Is it my fault?

Will anyone hear me the day that I fall?" and then

"Are you happy to see me walk down this road?"

The verse may be full of self doubt but things soon pick up

"I know I'm in for better now, I've found a way to let it out

You're missing me and I feel okay"

It all leads to the chorus which is hinted at the in the bleak yet somehow beautiful cover shot of someone on the edge about to take a metaphorical leap - for it finds Jenny on the edge of "Something Beautiful".

The song builds to an explosive crescendo ending suddenly as it she has made that almighty leap.

It's an unqualified success that totally depends on Jenny's vocals which are able to comfortably soar above the ever powerful backing behind her with consummate ease. Whether solo or with ELY Jenny is definitely on the edge of something big!

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