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  • Chris Farlie

Jenny Colquitt - Soldier Of The Modern Day

After seeing Jenny Colquitt in an army uniform for the video of her single Captain Thomas Moore, one might be forgiven on hearing that her new single was to be called "Soldier Of The Modern Day", that she has some sort of military fixation - far from it!! The soldier in the title is just an everyday citizen, one fighting just to survive in the modern world.

The song opens to a fading synth and acoustic guitar with Jenny plaintively asking

"Is anybody out here?

Is anybody hearing us?

Is anybody round the corner ?

Is anybody in love?"

There's a feeling of isolation and desparation in some of the lyrics - the last line the only one seeking hope.

There is percussion in the background that could easily be time ticking by or an an army marching in time - it is at the back of the mix yet everpresent adding to the overall ambience.

The second verse opens to Jenny declaring

"I wanna be a soldier - a soldier of the modern day

But I don't want to be your martyr - is everybody ok?"

The chorus very much builds on the idea of one who has reached the end of the tether willing to sacrifice everything if it will guarantee the safety and future of her children in a better life

"I don't mind, this life of mine is killing me inside

I don't mind, please take my body put, it on the line

Take my life, don't take my children, leave them all behind

I don't mind this heart of mine is frozen inside"

Gradually the intensity builds up, the electric guitar kicks in and Jenny's vocals noticeably shift up a gear although there is still plenty left to come. As the full band kicks in things really start to rock out, and Jenny finds new heights to hit.before her vocals like the band gradually fade away, to barely a whisper.

It is stirring stuff, part ballad part rocker, at times Jenny's vocals are beautifully gentle and tender while at the same time the controlled power when she really lets loose is something to marvel at, a one woman wall of sound!

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