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Jayme Lynne - No Complaints

Anyone wishng for the days of cheeky tongue in cheek country will welcome the new single from Canadian Jayme Lynne. There's a certain Dollyness running through the track, that essentially sees someone happy with their life but not beyond being happy to consider some improvements

"I spend all my days working just trying to make ends meet

Trapped inside this office I can't feel that summer heat

I'm not sayin that I'm gonna hop right on a plane

But if I was laying on a beach I'd have no complaints!"

Jayme then turns her attentions to other aspects of her life so while she's "an independant woman" she's not about to say no to "A manservant" if one was offered.

The third verse is slightly out of kilter with the overall cheery mood of the song as it refers to "A bully in the yard" who Jayme would have no objections if they were to "fall down on your face".

The chorus reinforces her happy go lucky mood

"No Complaints No Complaints - if every little thing goes my way

Ain't gonna stress out about the things that I can't change

I'm just saying I have No Complaints"

Musically it may start with almost a nod to Little Big Towns "Daydrinking" but this is a farily standard guitar, banjo pedal steel set up that combines with some basic drumming to allow plenty of room for Jayme to take centrestage.

Although in essence it's a light hearted song there is no denying there is something a little special about the way that Jayme vocally handles the chorus to suggest there is much more to her. It was certainly enough to send us scurrying through her back catalogue

"Sincerely His Ex" immediately stands out, musically it could not be more different, opening to an electric guitar and some electronica effects, and there nothing jokey about the opening lines with Jayme offering the advise all girlfriends love to hear - warning words from the person they replaced!

"Hey Girl I know you don't know me

But I just want to warn you

That boy - he ain't what you think

But I believed him too"

Her damning breakdown of him is best summed up as "All he is - is pretty lies".

Jayme could easily be seen as a vindictive ex but her take on it is a much more sisterhood approach

"Us girls got to stick together

I don't know you but I know you can do better

I just want to give you my best

Dear his next, sincerely his ex"

The whole "warning scenario" is a neat writing device so in future verses it allows Jayme to tell her story through these words of caution

"He’ll try, to take you away from all your friends

But you won’t see it that way"

and later

"Butter me up just to burn me

Red flags were waving so early

Attacking my goals and ambitions

No, he never had good intentions"

Jayme once again displays plenty of vocal talents such as the way her vocal rises as she recalls each of his misdemeanours.

This was one of a batch of tunes released throughout 2020 and each is significantly different from its predecessor like an artist trying to find the style that suits them best or equally could be viewed as an artist displaying her versatility,

"On My Way" is another separation anthem, initially starting to a mix of guitar and mandolin we find Jayme in a positively upbeat mood as she puts her "Pedal to the metal" for "The war is over" and

"I can barely see you in the rear view mirror"

It is an exuberrant song about the joys of being free from a bad relationship.

"No more hurt and no more lies

No more dirt and no more cries"

It possibly lacks the finesse of the later singles and belies the small studio it sounds like it was recorded in especially wiith the drum sound - but nonetheless it is good fun and it is an artist learning their studio craft that will be put to good use on later releases

A happier tune in the Jayme Lynne reportoire is "Little Bit of First Kiss". If some of the earlier songs were at about the tail ends or aftermath of a relationship then this is most definitely there for the initial spark.

"First time I remember

When you walked into the room

You were late for the party

Just trying to be cool

When you looked in my direction I could see a softer side

I knew something got a hold on me And it was just a matter of time"

Jayme's recipe of how to win her over comes in the shape of the power pop chorus

"Takes a little bit of eyes

Takes a little bit of lips

With a whole lot of smile

To get a little bit of first kiss"

It's a fun song and comes with a suitably cheesey video

For completists there is also her take on "The Christmas Song" available for purchase or streaming!!




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