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  • Chris Farlie

Jason Eady - Back To Normal

Arriving with some would say perfect timing is Jason Eady with "Back To Normal", a song pondering on what the future holds for the world. The first of a batch of songs recorded in a burst of activity in late 2020, this release is a little superior in so many ways.

Take the cover forinstance, subtly hinting that the world has been turned upside down , its a sign that some real thought has gone into the project. It could presumably apply to any event where your world has been rocked but for the time being it is surely life after Covid that will be seen as the inspriation.

The sound is simply sublime. managing to be both minimal and yet be exactly what is required, with a rich mandolin sound that would make this an excellent release alone even if Jason never uttered a word!!

It is so much more than that though, the acoustic guitar and drumming set the initial brisk pace of the track but cutting across that is the sound of a drawling slide guitar and the wondrous harmony vocals provided by Courtney Patton and Jamie Lin Wilson that suitably top things off.

Jason himself sets a suitably cautious tone, it would be easy to be ridiculously optimistic something that might later prove misjudged, this single instead taps into a common unease, wondering what it will be like in the new world.

"What do we do when we get back to normal? - and we find ourselves out in the word again

What do we do when we get back to normal? - and we find that were somewhere we ain't never been"

Jason's vocal is superbly delivered, almost deadpan, as he mulls over the situation ahead.

"All those things that we hold on to - will never be the same"

Let's hope that tracks of this quality will be abundant when things get back to normal!!

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