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  • Chris Farlie

James Ethington III - Becca

There's little that we know about James Ethington III, he's an alternative acoustic musician from Alamogordo NM, who currently has 1 EP out called "Rheacycle".

"Becca" is the single from the EP that grabs the attention for a couple or reasons, firstly that deftly picked acoustic guitar that runs throughout the track has a somewhat unique quality to it. The second is the way the song develops its sound as the various percussive elements kick in,

The song seems very much like someone trying to rekindle a love that never quite was but that for the singer has remained as real and vivid as ever and so what else is to be done when you arrive in that persons city but call them up and announce "Becca I'm in your city! even though as he admits

"She's going to bite my head off!"

Lyrically things seem to very much hinge around the second verse, that period in the past that has remained so key for the singer.

"You remember junior year?

Funny how memories don’t age like we do

And anytime I'm feeling low I think of the memories of old"

There is no denying that the single is a little quirky and offbeat but with that repeating guitar line is also almost hypnotic and packs a lot into its 2 and a half minute duration.

The "Rheacycle" EP is equally eclectic and certainly worth a listen , "Art Of My Love" is outstanding coming with a rich warm soulful vocal generated from just an acoustic and James wonderful delivery, while "Rheacycle Intro" develops things sonically even further, in totally new ways from the songs that preceded it.

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