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  • Chris Farlie

Hannah White - Right On Time / Chains Of Ours

Having just finished touring the country with wonderful Paul Carrack it is time for Hannah White to release the second slice of her excellent upcoming album "Sweet Revolution" with her latest single "Right On Time".

Produced by Magic Number Michele Stodart who also plays bass across the new album, this single shows that Hannah, who we've always said has a stunningly authentic Country voice, can also tackle 60's pop, as for this single Hannah's vocal transports us back to the days of Dusty, Cilla and Sandi Shaw!

The production is marvelous, there's very much a live organic feel to it, crisp and clean with no needless trickery. The whole band clearly come through , the acoustic guitars clearly as audible as their electric counterparts, while the percussion is gently inventive rather than just providing a steady backbeat.

It is the chorus where Hannah really takes us back to Carnaby Street and the swinging sixties

"You’re right on time I was about to

Change my mind, go on without you

Baby you’re right on time"

Hannah's vocal just delicately glides over the sheer pop melody of chorus with an effortless ease that is an absolute delight.

The key lines are undoubtedly

"Only just a breath ago, I’d never believe

Love could be a place to go for a damaged heart like me"

Finding the right person at a time when perhaps you'd thought that chance had gone.

It follows on from the equally magnificent "Chains Of Ours" which if there was any justice in the world would have seen Hannah burst through onto the wider UK public's radar. It is not just a marvellous single but touches on issues such as the "realities of being a woman in the modern world" Once again the production is masterful, just listen to Emma Holbrook's perceptive percussion, or the organ contribution from Lars Hammersland or Keiron Marshall's, Lindsay Buckingham guitar solo tribute! The day #TEAMw21 first heard this live at one of the early post covid shows at The Lexington, we simply did not want it to end and our view is still the same - the chorus transmits the sheer joy that the band are having playing it.

Without doubt two of the best UK Americana singles you will hear all year!!

Sweet Revolution is available Nov 9th

The album launch show is in London at Bush Hall on the 3rd Nov

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