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  • Chris Farlie

Hannah White - Car Crash

It seems ancient history but when live music last returned in May 2021 - one of the first artists to squeeze in a tour was Hannah White, including an outstanding show at the Lexington, That night she closed the show with "Car Crash" a 5 minute epic which we noted at the time came "with lyrics that could reduce you to tears" and it is that very song that is the opening single from her forthcoming album "About Time".

The opening lines and indeed the harrowing cover give some indication of what is to come

"They want to take my baby -

They want to take my child

I was only trying to feed him

No I wasn't, out there runnng wild"

Quite possibly the musical equivalent of a Ken Loach movie or the makers of "I Daniel Blake", Hannah takes us to places that most of us would perhaps hope didn't exist, which is no bad thing, occasionally people need to be shocked by reality even when it comes wrapped up in a song. That opening verse concludes with the poignant plea

"All I needed was a hand" which should be a wakeup call to all those who assumed that there already was.

If all this seems a little bleak than maybe it is but don't for a second think it is not equally engrossing and captivating, the chorus when it comes is incredibly soulful, with a wonderful organ sound, flashes of guitar and subtle percussion providing the backing as Hannah sings

"I see a car crash, play out before me - and I'm clutching the wheel in desparation - but it's not gonna save me"

Hannah's vocal becomes ever more pleading and passionated before concluding

"if there's a picture of desparation - surely it's of me - it's a picture of me"

The final chorus starts almost a capella with Hannah sounding as if she's at rock bottom before it starts to build as she starts to dig her way out.

It is utterly compelling and deserving of your attention.


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