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  • Chris Farlie

Halle Kearns - Plans

Starting your career just as a global pandemic breaks out would seem one of the least inspired career moves ever, yet for Halle Kearns it has turned out to be quite the opposite. Her opening three singles and the additional songs that went on to make her debut EP "Finally" have certainly chimed with a global audience who have streamed her songs over 3 million times.

There could be a number of reasons for this, but undoubtedly one is the composite picture we build up in our minds of Halle from the writing of her songs, which is that of someone genuine, with a hard working ethos and a strong family background, even her "drinking" song found time to place her in church on a Sunday.

Halle is back with a new single "Plans" and the good news is that there has been little tampering with what so far has been a winning formula, a little refinement maybe but if you liked Halle before you'll love her even more now the writing remains honest and the sound has retained its ability that both allows you to almost hear the acoustic origins of the song yet wrapping it enough technology to make it radio friendly.

This is a relationship development song, chronicling the moment that things move from just being fun and temporary to potentially being something more long term and it is just this moment of transition and the ball of emotions that it stirs that Halle has captured perfectly and framed in a two and half minute pop song.

"Plans" comes in 3 distinct stages, the before, the realisation and the after, so things open with Halle describing her views on relationships and how they are now altering, so

"You can't get disappointed if there ain't expectations" and

"I used to just sit in the moment not think past the morning"

is sharply contrasted with the discovery that

"The way that i live my life is changing" and "I'm thinking about commitment!"

The reflection part of the song is almost restrained however when it moves to the present there is a veritable explosion in sound that echoes the sheer exhilaration being felt.

"it's freaking me out how head over heels I am" and there is a change in mindset that is now thinking more long term

"When i start thinking about next summer I think about us". is delivered by Halle with such an optimistic vocal that it is hard not to be lifted.

As we explained earlier the core sound is created from an acoustic guitar, a mandolin and some percussion, with additional sounds added on, unobtrusively bolstering the overall effect. It's snappy, punchy complete with a sudden ending, providing the feel good factor that we could all do with right now.

With a no doubt equally snazzy video to follow - the ascent of Halle Kearns seems unstoppable.

Plans is set for release on April 16th and is now available to pre order

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