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  • Chris Farlie

Halle Kearns - I Drink Whiskey

Following up on the success of "Pick Me Up" and its rather splendid video comes Halle Kearns with "I Drink Whiskey" which keeps the core acoustic sound that was at the heart of "Pick Me Up" and pushes it on a little further with the addition of a pulsing synth which runs through track.

There's a neat little breakdown of how Halle views her different drinks, Still very much the "9 to 5" worker of the previous song, beer is something to enjoy when the "sun goes down around here", while wine is for sipping "in a church pew with my Momma sitting to my right", with Tequila being saved for a "Mexican beach".

Whiskey becomes the drink she is driven to by her partner "You know I love you but you drive me crazy - you light up a fire in every part of me"

There is a nice little touch where Halle acknowledges that she probably drives her partner to the same sort of alcoholic distraction "I know that you have days when you probably want to say the same"

With a great little guitar riff running through the chorus this makes for a fine catchy followup and establishes Halle as definitely one to watch.

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