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  • Chris Farlie

Gary Quinn - Point Of View

The first of three sngles slated for 2022 release for Gary Quinn has arrived in the shape of "Point Of View". It continues the development in his overall sound that started in 2021. It is very much a before / after we met song and initially opens with Gary laying out the things tht were his ideals.

"Sipping margueritas down in Mexico

Cruising downtown Vegas in the neon glow

Catching the sunrise in the city that never sleeps

These are some of the things that made me think

I was living the dream"

All perfectly acceptable highs that many of us would agree to, although perhaps more transient holiday moments than an everyday reality.

"Then you woke me up".

The rest of the song then deals with the real riches in life, that may be more than just fleeting material ones, no matter how special they are.

"What we have ain't much too look at - but that don't bother me

Cos what we've got between us is everything I need"

It feels like Gary was summoning his inner Darius Rucker as he laid down those lines

Having had his "Point Of View" adjusted he come to realise that

"What I thought paradise was couldn't be further than the truth"

The new sound fits Gary like a glove, and although odd elements like the tinny drum machine in the opening thirty seconds seem a little superfluous, they do not spoil the overall listen. It's well constructed with everything fading away about two thirds through to allow time for Gary to emphasize things one more time with just him and an acoustic guitar before the band kick in once more for the finale which even finds time for some big old electric guitar to close things out in style.

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