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  • Chris Farlie

Foreign Affairs - The Hope Comes Again

After releasing one of the most intense compelling singles of the year in the shape of "One Minute", Foreign Affairs return with a new single "The Hope Comes Again" and prove themselves to be in a rich songwriting vein.

Musically it could not be more different, this time round it is almost a folk song delivered to a delicately crafted sonic soundscape. In total there are probably only half a dozen or so different instruments on the track, each perfectly clear, and when combined they create a big atmosphere, which is all the more amazing as it was created at home in Bristol.

Things initially start with an acoustic guitar, which is then punctuated by some electronic ones and a wailing harmonica which all go to give the track that feeling of space. There is a section where there is a guitar solo, while at the same time a voice off mic echoes the sound in the background to great effect, all of this is splendidly topped off by the merest tinkling of a few piano keys.

The subject matter seems very appropriate for our current times, in that even in the darkest hours there is always hope,

The atmosphere of gloom is painted in the lyrics The waves and thunder have drawn me under again" along with admission that "It's ordinary that I can bury my load" and that "I've not been down here for a while"

The optimism of the song comes in the chorus, "If i get tired of the hoping - the hope comes again", Being able to be hopeful in these current times being a gift not shared by all. All of this is delivered with a wonderfully rich vocal with the final 4 words of the chorus almost delivered as thanks that there is still relief to be found.

With a worldwide publishing deal with Peer Music as well as a record deal, this should give the band a platform to really explore their creativity which if these last two singles is anything to go by should produce something special.


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