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  • Chris Farlie

Emma Svensson - Runs In The Family

What is it about the land of Abba, Volvo and IKEA and Country music - each year they seem to turn out another act able to not only play convincing Americana music but in many cases being so far from Nashville they are able to produce a product not tainted by whatever trend is in vogue, required to get a radio play - you get a purer product not one cut with gimmickry.

The latest one to introduce themelves to us - staring out from an old family photograph on the cover of her new single is Emma Svensson with "Runs In The Family", It's a single rich in pedal steel, banjos and violins that is unashamedly country, as it details memories from Emma's own childhood now being replayed in the modern day with her own family - it is a most joyful way to start the New Year.

It is so easy to relate that cover picture to the opening line in the song and really early on associate with Emma

"Hit the high road to the old slopes - packed like sardines in the Volvo"

and when they arrive at their destination the sheer joy of the experience shines through in Emma's recollection

"People stare at how loud we are laughing - their loss - missing out on the party".

The chorus keeps the upbeat mood going

"I'll spill my guts in the place where, there's no such thing as an overshare

In the country - home of the big dreams"

If the first verse is pure reminiscence then the second brings us right up to date with history being repeated giving rise to the title "Runs In The Family", why would you not want to try to recreate those times of happiness?

"Grab your red coat, for the first snow, still got a little space in the back row

Funny how just that quickly, I'm the one staring Nestle

They're just like I once was - feet up talking my ear off

I've heard it runs in the family - the only one way we can be"

Emma even manages to create a whole country choir in later in the song along with pedal steel and fiddle solos

which only adds to the overall sense of good will. A genuine feel good song to start the year with.

Emma will be coming to the UK for this years "Country On The Coast" Apr 22nd - it will be worth going just to heat this!!

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