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  • Chris Farlie

Emma Stevens - Keep Dreaming

Perfect timing for Emma Stevens latest single "Keep Dreaming", with a message of optimism and realism rolled up into one little package wrapped up in a simply divine almost lullaby tune.

The verses have little vignettes, moments in time perfectly realised in a few words enabling us to build mental picture

"Five years old at a wishing well

just throwing pennies a little girl

Wishing a life was like a fairy tale

it only comes true if you never tell"

Emma wistfully sings these words over some gentle keyboard chords that help to build that dreamy atmosphere

"18 year still wondering, still looking up still believing but i'm blowing dandelions against the wind does life always go like this?"

It's a beautifully constructed song as we dip in and see our little superstitions and wishes played out through the ages via shooting stars or blowing out candles on a cake.

The chorus neatly ties together the reality that dreams don't always come true but that it should not still stop us from having our optimistic foibles in a most delightful way

"You can wish for the world but still what will be will be

It ain't always easy, ain't always smooth life ain't about whether you win or lose

They say that dreams don't always come true but that's okay - I'll keep dreaming anyway i'll keep dreaming every day"

It's a great idea, brilliantly realised on a pretty much perfect single!

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