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  • Chris Farlie

Emma & Jolie - Cry For You

"Cry For You" is the second single from Emma & Jolie and they continue to impress showing a completely different set of skills to those displayed on their debut, the poppy and sassy. "I Don't Need A Man".

Built around an incessantly addictive piano riff, "Cry For You" is a big power ballad, complete with strings that is well produced to get the peak performances that really do this song justice.

From the opening lines there is immediate drama and we are at the centre of the after effects of a break up.

"Over is supposed to mean over it's supposed to mean closure and closing the door

and "Goodbye" is supposed to mean goodbye it's supposed mean I'm fine that I'm not yours"

The chorus ( which brings in a degree of sonic landscaping that manages to stay on the right side of unobtrusive ) paints a slightly more difficult picture

"I'm trying to break free and leave you behind, baby I can't because I still cry for you".

The second verse deals with the awkward realities of splitting up where

"My friends still run into your friends and they tell me how you've been but I don't want to know"

It's a mixed up time post any break up, when emotions are in a whirl and that conflict between the chorus where there is an assertive "You don't deserve it" exists in the same world as the bridge where

"In the middle of the night I cant get you off my mind".

It is all part of lifes rich tapestry and the song reflects both of those polarised views perfectly

Like all the best songs it was written quickly and therefore is not overthought and has real feelings coming through in the lyrics. The final chorus sees the vocals impressively interweave and Emma & Jolie seem well placed to shake up the UK live circuit when hopefully things return to some sort of normality in 2021, if they can maintain this high level of quality output.

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