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  • Chris Farlie

Emily Lockett - Do You Want To Go Out?

If rumours are to be believed then the eventual emergence from Lockdown could result in a burst of activity from the public, who generally have been starved of interaction on any meaningful level, heralding an era of pleasure seeking not seen since the end of the war.

Ready to ride that wave of enjoyment is Emily Lockett with a quite wonderful five minutes of pop music that seems set to act like a musical spring clean, wiping away the Winter blues and preparing us for just such activity. Conceived during "Lockdown" , "Do You Wanna Go Out?" is a celebration of being able to go out and have "no strings attached" unadulterated adult fun!!

In the wrong hands this could come out sounding a little sleazy however Emily's lyrics deftly point out what is actually occurring here

"You don't even know my name that's ok

I'm not looking for love, not right now,

Just a little bit of fun not marriage vows"

and reaffirming the next morning the fleetingness of the relationship

"It was never meant to end with diamond rings"

This is about going out to "Paint The Town Red" ( incidentally title of the cracking 5 track EP that this track comes from) and having a great time, the image as Emily sings "Look at us in our ripped jeans smiling" is one of sheer happiness

The sound has its own urgency driven on by Emily's initial guitar riffing and a powerful drum backing, starting as if pulled from a live recording. It becomes a great piece of power pop, in many ways refreshingly retro, with great lead guitar and piano contribution as well giving it a feel akin to the sound of Deacon Blue's "Real Gone Kid". Emily has a great way of elongating words and so when she sings "here" and "name" forinstance they last engagingly longer than they should. The production values are exceptionally high and with Matt Bishop of Honey Ryder at the controls that is no surprise. There are lots of nice little transitions from slow to fast, and quiet to loud, that are so seamlessly handled you barely notice them - yet they so richly add to the aural texture of the song.

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