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  • Chris Farlie

Emilia Quinn - River

Once again proving our belief that you should never second guess what Emilia Quinn will do next, is her new single "River". Having closed out 2022 with the strikingly poignant piano ballad "Child" it was only natural that 2023 would start at completely the other end of the spectrum!

Some things do remain the same though, her growing collection of striking cover pictures seems set to be a leather bound coffee table book just waiting to be made - following up on her statuesque pose of the previous single, this time round it is more a homage to Martin Sheene in "Apocalypse Now" with Emilia's head half submerged in water, a steely pair of eyes visible. The stillness of the water around her is wonderfully contrasted by the cascading waterfalls in the background.

Anyone who saw her full band set at Buckle & Boots would have been taken with the frisson in the air, the uncertainty of what might be played next and how it might sound. It is that electrifying feeling that forms the centre of Emilia's latest sound, as her production team try to capture and bottle that sheer sense of excitement.

Things begin a capella with Emilia in a somewhat defiant indomitable mood - she will survive no matter what happens

"Bring me to the river

Let it wash the pain

Let me feel the power

Of muddy water in my veins

Feed me to the fire

Burn me down in flames

I’ll rise from the ashes

Reborn again"

When the band kick in it is with a dark mysterious rhythm of guitars, bass and a mid paced drum beat - supplemented by a sort of tribal backing vocal - it sets an atmosphere quite unlike anything else. Emilia continues with her manifesto establishing herself as something of a free spirit who will not be held back.

"I am a shapeshifter

I will find my path

Building me a rhythm

To which I can dance

Graced with these melodies

Floating through my brain

You will find my spirit

Dancing in the rain"

The third verse again points to an individuality that cannot be shackled, the final couplet a reminder to the listener to be true to yourself and not be controlled by others.

"Sleeping in submission

Caging me

Dying to speak my mind

Set my tongue free

Let my words of wisdom

Shower you in gold

You choose what you will do

Not what you’ve been told"

Emilia's lead vocals have a certain self assuredness about them while her own backing vocals at the back of the mix are almost siren like. The band manage to explore an almost 90's Manchester sound, complete with a dreamy guitar solo and when matched with Emila's vocals the results are simply stunning. it certainly seems that Emilia has found her musical path however quite where it will lead is anyones guess - but it will be fun finding out.

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