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  • Chris Farlie

Emilia Quinn ft Finola - Games

Emilia Quinn's unstoppable run of singles continues with another blockbuster in the shape of "Games". If there is one thing we've come to learn from Emilia's releases it is that you should expect the unexpected and so it goes with "Games" which mixes a number of genres together to make something that is unique and guaranteed to grab your attention.

There's bluesy guitar, a cracking rockabilly drum sound and as prominent a bass guitar as we've heard since The Stranglers and Thin Lizzy littered the charts. Added to all this you not only get Emilia with her own inimitable style but also the charms of Finola who hit our radar way back in 2017 with her ""Waterworks" EP. It's Emilia's first co write and combined they make a pretty fearsome three minutes that is surely going to rock your world.

It Is Emilia who kicks things off, her initial vocals played out over some dramatic opening chords and when she announces

"I'm packing up my leather heart and skipping this town" things up a gear with a pounding drum and bass combo and some muted electric guitar but that is just a forerunner of what is to come.

This song is very much about confirming that this "chapter is over" calling time on someone who is not what you thought they were.

"All you did was waste your time and I thought we had forever

Don't play games with a girl who plays better"

As she announces "Hey!" there's a bluesy guitar break before Finola picks up the baton vocally for the second verse which shows the fickleness of the relationship, suddenly reappearing as things are getting good.

"You're keeping tabs - you hate to see me rise

You see the way they look at me with stars in their eyes

You see my tight dress, my thigh high boots, and I work a smoky eye

and when I do I get a text saying "Thought iId just say hi"

There a cracking blues rock guitar solo and when Emilia and Finola join forces it makes an awesome combination

"I'm brand new - feels so right

I've got news for you

"ain't got no tears left to cry"

Truly one of the most exhilarating pieces of music we've heard this year - raw, full of energy and with a vitality that will leave the listener in no doubt that they've just been hit by the Emila Quinn / Finola express!!!

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