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British Country Music Firecracker Emilia Quinn to release her new EP 'Medicate'

British Country Music Firecracker Emilia Quinn to release her new EP 'Medicate' this Autumn and invites her fans to follow her pre-release journey closely from behind the scenes and get to know the girl behind the guitar

"Trying to second guess what Emilia is going to do is a dangerous game" - W21MUSIC

Following a sweet acoustic debut followed by a fiery southern rock record and with a handful of singles scattered throughout - Emilia's third EP 'Medicate' which is due to be released 8th October 2021, is her most personal music release to date and demonstrates through her hard-hitting lyrics and vocal delivery, the real pain and struggle of living in a pandemic torn world that is sure to resonate with many people.

A collection of four songs, written during her deepest emotional moments over 2020/21 and is a raw account of dark days, heartaches, and deep reflection. A theme running through the songs of coping with various vices, which are well referenced in the Country genre but never quite like this. Emilia makes these themes her own by bringing her very personal touch to them, a sincerity that will break hearts and ring true to listeners.

'Medicate' will take the listener through a musical journey through Americana, Country and Blues. Songs which showcase Emilia's incredible ability to tell her story through crafting honest lyrics and delivering her signature believable vocals.

Underpinned by the theme and messaging of the songs on this EP, Emilia hopes that the release campaign will help to raise awareness of emotional health issues and people dealing with life's challenges to help reduce the stigma around the subject by encouraging people to share their own stories, whether that is overcoming adversity, the fragility of rehabilitation from vices, surviving a mental health crisis or going through a trauma (and everything in-between). Throughout the next couple of months, people from all walks of life will be featured in this music release campaign. People with a story to tell should feel comfortable to talk about the experience, their emotional wellbeing and ask for help, without fear.

Emilia invites her fans to join her Patreon to get access to exclusive behind the scenes content of the EP release journey, merch discounts, a signed copy of the EP and more!

You can join here

The EP will be available to Pre-Save / Pre-Order from mid August - watch out for the news across Emilia Quinn's socials


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