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  • Chris Farlie

Eleri Angharad - New Sin

Eleri Angharad is someone that has been on the #TEAMw21 radar for a while now and this single seems sure to widen her popularity further. It definitely stands out from the crowd with its somewhat quirky sound and its sultry subject matter.

Eleri hails from Wales, Swansea to be exact and it is the "Sin City" venue in that city that provides the inspiration for this tale of forbidden love.

Your attention is immediately grabbed by the thumping drumbeat intro which then opens into a curious mix of strings and guitar and in the background that unsettling quirky organ sound that appears throughout. It is the musical equivalent of being thrown into a David Lynch film, the music has a definite cinematic feel to it,

The story is one as old as time itself however Eleri is able to inject a little spice into her delivery that really make the lyrics of this song seems as if they need to come with an 18 rating!

"Blood is getting restless under your skin, feel it in my kiss that I'm addicted, know this isn't right but you're my new sin"

The chorus is equally off beat, with Eleri having a definite dreamy hypnotic siren quality to her vocals and the lyrics once again leave little to the imagination,

The lust is in the touch, the Devil's in the games we play around"

while at the same time the instrumentation gets ever stranger!

The second verse is equally unusual with the predatory male perhaps not as necessarily as in control as he might think.

"Looking at my body going to risk it?

Back against the wall you got me good kid

Fever in my veins you're such a quick hit, such a quick hit

I got to whisper. I never said I was a good girl, you're the kind of guy that likes some trouble

and now I got you under my spell!"

The final minute or so sees Eleri really let loose on the vocals and there are lots of little sonic tricks being played on the listener as the sound is stripped to just a drum and an acoustic guitar and the tempo is played with. It is certainly very hard to predict what will come next either musically or lyrically which really makes it such a great listen

It all goes to make for a completely unique single quite unlike anything else you are likely to hear and certainly well worth checking out

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